Saturday, September 12, 2020

The best Glog classes

I'm very busy with the Foreboding Fromagerie project, and it's going quite well.  A lot of good quality material has been submitted, and I have begun the earnest work of tying it all together.

But in the meantime, what about my blog?

Well here is a "low quality" content post - a list of classes I found interesting over the years.  This is by *no means* a complete list.  I'm sure there are wonderful classes out there I have never heard about.  But the following are some I've encountered and took note of for future reference.  Perhaps some of these may go well in your game too?

A Scot has stopped on a mountain path to look at something in the distance
by Lancelot Speed

First, you probably know this one, but I am very fond of Skerple's summoner.  A fun, great "alt-caster" class.

Second, the zouave:  this resulted from a conversation on the OSR discord where someone wanted historical example of interesting fighters, and I told them about the zouave.  They turned around and created this amazing class.
edit:  Now with an expansion!

The muscle mage - a great example of how zany the GLOG can be

The Gun Priest:  This is incredibly flavorful and quite playable too:

The OG wizard (the sage).  Great for a low-magic setting.

The word barbarian doesn't mean raging shirtless warrior. It means foreigner.  This class does it beautifully:

A durable monk, and flavorful to boot.

So what are classes *you* like.  And don't post your own please ;)

edit:  Oh, it's catching on :D  Phlox (who made the barbarian) chips in!

Edit 2:  some more posts on this topic. Some classes I had never seen, and others are coming up more than once...





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