Friday, September 25, 2020

Foreboding Fromagerie Master Post

(This is the main post, if you are going to link to the Foreboding Fromagerie, please link here!)

The Foreboding Fromagerie 

This is a collective project by the OSR discord collective.  I had the idea of having a collective dungeon where each person would do a room or two.  A theme and a name were soon proposed, and here we are!  

This is not playtested material - yet.  Many of the creators will be running the dungeon and this will be, in time, *very* well playtested.  Adjustments will be made.  This is also a dungeon in construction - I am not done.  Depending on the moment you see this post, it may or may not be in a playable state (at the moment, with the monsters missing, it is not).

Dungeon Index:
(More to follow)

Future things to add:  
Future PDF, maybe DrivethruRPG etc
Intro, hooks and history
Running the Fromagerie: Dungeon Procedure & graffiti.
Fun stuff about cheese
Bestiary, Random encounters and factions
The Wizard
Reviews and playthroughs
Guide to Collective Dungeon Building

(note this section is incomplete)

Original Idea, Dungeon Director, Editor, web publisher, official contact, archivist, person to blame:  Ancalagon (i.e. me)

I had the idea for a collective dungeon, I set the general direction (although not the theme), stitched rooms together, made adjustments etc.  The great majority of the creativity and wondrous ideas came from the numerous participants in this collective dungeon project.   So while I "made it happen", it would have been impossible without them.  Small changes were sometimes needed - I apologize to the authors, and I hope they understand.  If any room has deficiencies... it's my fault :)

I also did rooms 1, 25, 36 and 37, the Wizard's design and some entries on the Graffiti table.  I also stated several monsters and foes, and managed faction relations.

Dyson Logos kindly provided the map

Oblidisideryptch: rooms 2 and 17, Cheese theme idea
Vayra :  Name of the dungeon.  Rooms 13, 24, 45 and 46
Thriftomancer OSR server assistance
Sir Onyx:  rooms 6, 7, 9,  26, and 38.  The moon idea.  Graffiti table
Purplecthulhu:   rooms  5, 16 and 49
Random Wizard:  rooms 14  (no blog of yet) 
Corgifan2 :  rooms 15, crawlspace layout
Anne:  rooms 3 and 18
Phlox : rooms 4 and 33 
Mtb-za:  rooms 8 and 34, assistance with map segments (no blog of yet)
Cameron Hawkey for room 10
Studio 315b for rooms 11, 32 and 39
deus ex parabola for room 12
Panic Pillow  room 23 and the corridors above room 12 (no blog of  yet) 
(more to come!)
(please let me know if I made an error in the credits!)

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed.  We all hope that you have fun in the Foreboding Fromagerie!

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