Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Foreboding Fromagerie: The Map

My idea for a collective GLOG dungeon was a wild success!  I have over 25 volunteers.   The name of the adventure/dungeon is "the Foreboding Fromagerie" :)  Now, we step forward to the next important step, the map.

I am no great map maker.  Fortunately, I know a great one - one who is so generous that he makes maps available to others for their project.  I speak, of course, of Dyson Logos.  I support him on Patreon and I definitely feel that he's a boon to the gaming community.

Here is a link to the map:

Now here is the map keyed with numbers:

Some things of notes.   The two green areas are "goblin zones".  I have a few volunteers for two rival goblin clans using the cheese production as a means of sustenance.   They are terrified of the Wizard, who tolerates the goblins - the goblins are scavengers, parasites even, but they are tolerated because they also a form of low grade security.

left click on image, then right click and "open image in new tab" to get full size
SCALE:  1 square = 10 feet.  Top of the map is North.

Rooms with red numbers are of note:

Room 1 is the entrance - the stairwell to the Above. (completed)

Rooms  36 and 37 are the Wizard's quarters and laboratory.  They rarely leave these days.  They have a black card

Some rooms are already assigned!  This is not set in stone, I just assigned rooms based on the descriptions.  Apologies for typos in people's names.

Room 2 is for Oblidisideryptch - a great factory hall (completed)

Room 3 is for Diyanddragons - a milk fountain/waterfall (complete)

Room 4 is a pasteurization room by Phlox (complete)

Room 5 is for purplecthulhu:  a stinking statue (complete)

Room 6 is for Sir Onyx - cheese vault   (mostly completed, map will need adjustments)

Room 7 is  for Sir Onyx - a golem workshop. (complete)

Room 8 is for mbt-za (a digging machine)   (complete)

Room 9 is for Sir Onyx  - a kitchen manned by goblins (complete)

Room 10 is for Castle_librarian - a dining room (complete)

Room 11 is for Studio 315b - Crackers and romance  (complete)

Room 12 is for deus ex parabola: a merchant  (completed)

Room 13 is for Vayra who is on a tear (completed) the cursed chamber

Room 14 is for Random Wizard - Portal to Cheese Hell  (completed)

Room 15 is for Corgifan2 : vats room  (completed)

Room 16 is for Purplechutlu: Milk and Renet extraction (completed)

Room 17 is by Oblidisideryptch - a great factory hall (completed)

Room 18 is for Diyanddragons , a great armory/cannon (completed)

Room 19  Baal a balcony overlooking the armory (complete)

Room 20 is for Jojiro - he will create a goblin clan with Morgan (completed)

Room 21 is for Morgan - the holy cow of the goblins! (complete)

Room 22 is for Spwack - the cube of knowledge (and brimstone) (complete)

Room 23 is for PanickPillow - a maggoty room.  Has doors leading in and out (will have to edit the map a little) (completed)

Room 24 is for vayra - the moon shot (completed)

Room 25 is not on the map.  Is it missing?  weeelllllll  - Ancalagon (completed)

Room 26 is for SirOnyx:  the oil pumps (completed)

Room 27 is for SunderedworldDM: the Hall of Halumi  (completed)

Room 29 (complete, the training room), 30 (complete, the holy goat) and 31 are for Bluewolf and pm1988Today - they will create the rival goblin clan.

Room 31 is for PM1988  The cheese larder of the goblins (complete)

Room 32 is for studio 315b - the slide room (completed)

Room 33 is Phlox - a chapel (completed)

Room 34 is for Mtb-za, a library (completed)

Room 35 is Mihau - sentry post (completed)

Room 38 is Sir Onyx - Magical portal to the MOON (completed)

Room 39 is Studio 315b - a puzzle statue   (completed)

Room 40 is kahva - a kennel (completed)

Room 41 is for deadtreenoshelter - the squater's camp (completed)

Room 42 is  SunderedworldDM - the Imp hall (and other things)  (completed)

Room 43 is for Josie - blue cheese room

Room  44 is for deadtreenoshelter: another merchant - out of supplies alas  (completed)
(note will be renumbered to 53 in final product)

Room 45 and 46 are for vayra - a monster and a treasure room   (completed)

Room 47 is for Lexi - fondue pits!  (completed)

Room 49 is for purplechutlu,  - the ghoul-da (completed)

Room 50 is spekkio -  the cheese dragon  (completed)

Room 51 is Phlox:  an audience chamber (completed)

Room 52 is for Phlox - a goblin sleeping area (completed)

Room 53 is for nickorish ink - a biologist  (completed)
(note will be renumbered to 44)

Rooms 28 and 48 will be reserved as "spare rooms" - I may find later on to add something that I suddenly realize the dungeon is sorely missing.

This is an ongoing project - in fact I'm using this page to track things :) . At this point, all rooms should be assigned.  If you are a volunteer and don't have a room, let me know!  Once they are ready (a week?), remaining rooms will be assigned

edit: an error on the map already - that will be cleaned up later, for now it's just a working copy :)