Wednesday, August 19, 2020

the GLOG collective dungeon, a humble proposal

A short post - this is more of a proposal, an idea, for a project.

The people in the GLOG community are wildly creative, but (and I'm paraphrasing what others have said in the OSR discord server, but I will say that there is a fair amount of truth to it) a lot of the creations are… high in fun, less so in usability.  Hundreds of classes, (even more so with the recent microclass trend), multiple hacks, spells, the TeleGLOG... but a lot less playable material, and by this I mean adventures.  Seeing how I haven't published any adventures, I'm just as guilty.

And let's be fair - writing a whole adventure is a fair amount of work!  But what if we collectively tackled the task?

So here is the idea.  We find a free to use map for a dungeon (I would recommend Dyson Logos).  Someone (me?) numbers the rooms (and perhaps a few corridors).  Perhaps we decide on some kind of theme so it's *not* completely random, but hey, maybe completely random would work.   Rooms are then assigned to participants.   If a few people can't make it on time - well a few empty rooms in a dungeon never hurt anyone. 

A dwarf kneels before a brooding warrior with a horned helmet and a spear sitting on a stone seat

Then the person running the project cleans it up a bit, and TADA!  a GLOG collective dungeon!

It won't be a *great* dungeon, but it should be eminently useable.

Is this a good idea?  Do we have volunteers?

EDIT:  I was pondering about the theme, and Oblidisideryptch suggested that it would be a cheesy dungeon... literally.

Long ago, an underground facility was constructed with all sorts of magical devices to mass produce cheese.  It has since fallen in disrepair, but still runs, somehow, a bit.   What kind of foul lactose magic will be found here?  Blue oozes?  Cheesemaking golems?  Fat goblins scavengers?  Skeletons servants?  Some kind of security?  Hell-cows?  A crazed wizard?  Parmesan shields?   Let's find out :P

EDIT 2:  Volunteers have come forth!  I will be using this post to keep track.  We have enough people to make this happen.  The project is officially a GO!

- By the end of this week (say, Saturday) I will semi-close the volunteer list (this way I know how big a dungeon we need).
- By the beginning of next week, I will have a dungeon map of the appropriate size. I will assign volunteers to specific room numbers  (I'm thinking 2 rooms per volunteers?)
- Volunteers will have X amount of time to make their entry
- I collect the entries, do light editing, then collate them in a blog post
- Tada!  Collective GLOG dungeon!

If you volunteer then can't make it, the list will be edited of course - I'm not going to use this to "pressure" people :)

Oblidisideryptch (they already provided the theme!)
SirOnyx   (proposes connecting to the moon)
Panic Pillow
Random Wizard
Studio 315b
nickorish inck

(? indicate that I am not 100% and will have to clarify - if you see yourself on this list in error, I am sorry!  If you want to volunteer and *aren't* on the list, let me know!)


  1. Replies
    1. I will add you to the list of volunteers! What is the best way to reach you?

  2. I think when Zak started something like this for a hexcrawl he started with the map and folks jumped on to describe hexes. You might want to start with a map.

  3. Replies
    1. I have a new list of volunteers and I have added you. There is now a channel for it in the OSR discord :)