Saturday, July 27, 2019

Announcing the "GLOG: Five Daggers Edition" Project

I've been playing with the GLOG for a bit now (we've had 5 sessions) and the qualities of the system have become clear to me.  However, some of the limits have shown as well - mostly the lack of a proper skill system.  Back in June, I had speculated about merging the GLOG and 5e , and the feedback was positive.  This idea has been dancing in the back of my mind ever since.  

After some thoughts, I realized that a 50/50 mixt is not really feasible.  You can have a somewhat simplified 5e, or you can have a 5e flavored GLOG, but you can't fully integrate the two.  Some of the basic design principles of each game simply don't mixt.  So I decided that I was going to leave 5e alone and modify the GLOG by bolting on a skill system inspired by 5e.  Simple right?  The GLOG is *made* to be hacked, after all.

Well... I have to re-do the backgrounds (which are very good in 5e, and impact the skills).  And I also have to tweak the classes (what skills does a knight have?), especially classes that are skill focused (the thief essentially).  And if I'm tweaking the classes, well I might as well update them (Skerples did a great review of his edition with suggestions on what to change).  And if I'm doing all these changes to the classes, it means I get to choose which classes are in, so I might as well add a few from Arnold K Arnold K 's martial list (too many wizards!) along with a few others (I like the Sawbone by Iron and Ink), and remove some I don't.  And the 5e skill system doesn't have the same mechanic as the GLOG (it's roll high, not roll low), and I prefer roll high, so now I have to update the combat system and...

… Well it's turning into a new edition isn't it?!  So be it!  Because I love how good daggers are in the GLOG, and because of the origin of the skill system, I am naming it "the Five Daggers Edition".

So why make an announcement?  I hope it may get me a bit more feedback, but mostly I figured that by announcing it, it will motivate me to actually finish it!  I intend to work on it in "chunks" - publishing drafts of sections/concepts here, getting feedback and advice from readers, and then pulling it together.  I hope to be done in 6 months.  

A major conceptual obstacle initially was how to write this up as a complete document.  I'm not changing everything (I am not re-writing all those spells!), so how do I incorporate this into the edition?  I don't want to have a document I give my players where half of it is "click here for the spells", I want it to be complete.  But now I'm "stealing" stuff from others, and I don't want to do that...  I really was struggling with this but then it dawned on me - just contact the authors and ask for their advice/permission.  I have and they have given me their blessing, for which I am very grateful.  The GLOG community really is something!  I will do my best to be very transparent as to who made what and provide full credit.  

That being said, there are still uncertainties (how to layout things properly is one, if I do this myself it's going to be very basic...), but I hope that some of these questions will be resolved before I pull things together and publish the final package.  As this will be a free product (respecting the GLOG ethos), I hope that my readers will be forgiving.  There probably won't be any art, but maybe something will come up.

Lastly, when I'm finished, I will start working on a Yoon Suin Edition, which will essentially be the same but adapted for Yoon Suin (changing the classes and races essentially).

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