Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Curse as a class "contest" - the Ogre

On the GLOG discord server, Mother came up with the *brilliant* idea that a curse, like say, lycanthropy, could be expressed as a "class" - you lose your highest class template, and gain the lowest (the "A") template of the curse class.  Until the curse is broken, the character cannot advance in levels...  unless the character allows the curse to progress, losing their humanity and slowly becoming consumed by the curse.  Others agreed that it was a very solid idea, and a challenge was issued to come up with examples.  

A lot of the good ideas were already claimed (ghouls, vampires and lycantropes notably, and I couldn't help but note how Skerple's Goblin class fit the bill...), so I chose to do the Ogre.  (scroll down to see the other entries!).

The Ogre.

How Ogrism is caught is unknown.  Fighting an ogre might trigger it, but there are several reported cases of Ogrism occurring without any recorded contacts with Ogres.  It has been noted that it particularly afflicts those eager to use brute force to solve problems, especially when motivated by greed or gluttony.  

For each template of Ogre, your HP and your strength goes up by 2

A:  Thick skull, Iron stomach
B:  Rage, Eater of Flesh
C:  Ogre Smash, Hulking form
D:  Tough, Boulders, Thick skull

Thick Skull:  Roll 3D6, and compare it to your intelligence.  If the number is lower than your current intelligence, it is now your intelligence score.  

Iron Stomach:  you can eat anything organic as food - bones, bark - but prefer meat.  You need to eat 2 rations' worth of food to be satisfied

Rage:  As per Barbarian Rage, but if you haven't eaten today, you can only stop raging if someone/thing has died.  

Eater of Flesh:  If you eat a part of a recently slain humanoid (one arm should suffice), you regain 1d6+1 HP.  If you are in battle, kill a foe and haven't eaten yet that day, you must save to resist the urge to start eating right away.

Ogre Smash:   If you wield a large club two handed, you inflict 2d6 points of damage.  Your rage can only be willingly interrupted on a 1 in 6 chance.  

Hulking Form: Your hulking form is now too big for most suits of armor. Your thick fingers can't manipulate bows or crossbows, or any other such fine weapons or tools.

Tough:  You reduce incoming damage by 1.  

Boulders:  You can throw a rock with a range increment of 30 feet for 1d6 + strenght bonus dmg.

The Cure:  Sages have speculated that Ogrism can easily be cured by a strict vegetarian diet and a period of a year and a day of kindness and lack of violence.  However, no known recoveries have been reported.

Design note:  This is a powerful class, but it is a risky one.  If all templates are Ogre, the PC is now fully an ogre and should probably be retired.  I leave the task of creating an Ogre Mage to a more deft designer than I... (edit: oh well)

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  1. Ogrism seems like a good curse for exhibiting gluttony in response to temptations of fae origin. Most likely would be if someone were to greedily consume a banquet put forth (or left out as a temptation) by a fae host.

    Or, as hinted at by "Eater of Flash", maybe it's a curse from the gods for those who consume humanoid flesh. Perhaps the party is low on rations and just defeated a band of orcs...will the fighter give in to hunger and risk being cursed by the gods?

    1. A fae curse definitely would fit - they see humans as big boorish oafs already...

      I added eater of flesh because it fit the ogre mythos, but I think that the curse for that should be ghoulism, not ogrism…

      I could have written that up, but when he heard about the constest, Skerples hopped into his time machine and went back in time to write a ghoul class! I highly recommend this post - also has a *hilarious* goblin class.