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Tomb of the serpent King, Session 4: Ze Goblins

In November, we ran the 4rth session of the Tomb of the Serpent Kings  by Skerples, and a new session is coming up - I find writing these recaps is a great way to refresh my memory.  Sessions one , two  and three can be found by clicking on the links.

As per the third session, again 2 of the 7(!) players were missing, making my life more manageable.

The original crew:

Elrond, a Low Elf knight and historian.  I informed the player that low elves are still much better than humans, and he proceeded to roll better stats than anyone else

Smartas, the human Illusionist.  Has a fear of cheese.   The new player, sarcastic but momentarily out of inspiration, came up with this fetching name.  We grabbed random miniatures and hers was much bigger than the others so it was agreed that this was an unfortunate residual illusion that had never left her, and she appeared to be 7 feet tall.  Also has the most HP in the party.

Twitch the human thief.  Rolled 10 in every stats except 12 in con and 8 in charisma.  The perfect "this is a playable character".  An ex brigand, a bit dubious about the whole affair.

The new PCs - an arcane heavy group.

Gildorf the dwarven Summoner.  The leader of the newcomers.  Here to kill goblin. (player used to be Argus).  Not the best entities but good hp at least.

Sabriel the Elven Necromancer.  A new player, very excited to explode corpses.

Trogdor the human fighter and Min the gnome(?) were still missing following an invisibility misshap. 


Dwane, The third rock, Rock and Roll and Skip:  a growing rock collection. Trogdor's "beloved" priest stayed with his master

The party had found substantial treasure already, and supplies were dwindling.  Should they go back?  Greed won over.  There was no signs of Trogdor or Min the gnome... Although at time a strange presence could be felt...

(No one remembers the player playing Min the gnome taking part in this session, however my notes are written as if he was.  I've decided that clearly the gnome, being stuck invisible, decided to follow the party to perhaps gain their help, or steal their gold...)

After going down a long flight of stairs, the party entered a room, which Twich recognized as another pit trap.  It contained a little bit of treasure - a small gold ring - and bodies - nothing but bones really.  Sabriel decided to collect 2 more corpses for "future usage", although the pile of bone nature of the find made this difficult.  The next door led to a hot and strange room, with a large pit with some sort of magical fire at the bottom - clearly there was no fuel visible.   Glitter indicated that there may have been valuables down there, but wary of getting burned - or traps - the party decided to leave it well alone.

Instead, they decided to take a breather and eat lunch in this room – it was uncomfortably warm, but the flames provided illumination, allowing to spare the dwindling supply of torches.   As the party was discussing what their next move should be, a strange lurching, scraping sound was heard.  Weapons were grabbed, and a strange being entered the room.  A skeleton... but one covered in a peculiar orange goo.  It was clearly hostile, and attempted to crush Sabriel's head, although it was not particularly good at it.  However, the party quickly became alarmed at the thing's resistance to their blows, which seemed completely ineffective.

… So they pushed it down the fire pit.  Victory!   Everyone congratulated themselves on being so clever, but the cheers turned to gasps of horror as the skeleton started climbing up out of the fire pit, seemingly unharmed by the flames.  Fed up, Twich lassoed the thing and Elrond wrestled it to the ground.  Everyone else piled in, and with much shouting, tied it up properly.

Realizing that a nigh invulnerable skeleton on a rope could be useful, they decided to keep it and named it Bill Cosby. 

The next room in the seemingly endless complex was a square intersection with a domed ceiling.  One of the door was made of iron, and despite his best efforts, Twitch was unable to defeat the lock.  With a few picks, crowbars and a few days, he was confident that the door could be defeated but... Not now. 

Going through another door that opened with a lurch, the party found itself facing a tunnel of a much different nature - filthy and crudely made, the floor slightly slimy and with numerous insects squirming around.  The smell was disgusting and... Very peculiar.  Strange chittering sounds could be heard in the distance.  The party advanced warily, down on their last torch.   The tunnel opened in a rough chamber of some sort, filled with sharpened stick, and a strange creature.

Humanoid, with a lumpy head, a mouth filled with needle like teeth, eyes set far too apart and no evidence of a nose or ear.  It was dressed in rags and wielded a broom.  Chittering in a high pitch bizarre language (all that was evident was alarm), the creature tried to push the explorers away with his broom.  Annoyed, Elrond lashed out with his sword.  The blade bit deep into its head, its flesh the consistency of a slightly undercooked potato and with not bones or blood visible.  It shrieked and collapse, apparently dead.  Was this... A goblin?

The party searched the room, finding a lot of silverware - hey it's worth something said Twitch - the party pressed on deeper.  The next room they found was much larger, and seemed to be a "farm" of some sort, with sickly plant stuck in the mud, along with stick, fingers... Is that a coin?!?   The party began digging in earnest.  Gildorf noted that the species of blue mushroom known as "dungeon cucumbers" grew here, and that they could be used to cure petrification.  He grabbed half a dozen.

After digging in the muck and finding a few minor treasures (including more silverware and a gem ),  Smartas found something – a crown.  The party ooed – it was intricate looking, made of interwoven gold and platinum snakes with emerald eyes and seemed *quite* valuable .   Gildorf, wondering if it was magical, decided to put it on his head.  Much screaming ensued, but Sabriel snatched it off before Gildorf went permanently insane.   The crown was then put onto Bill Cosby the jelly skeleton, who seemed unaffected by whatever magic/curse the crown had. 

However, the loud screaming seemed to have attracted attention.  The skittering noises increased, and the sound of numerous small feet padding in the muck could be heard coming from deeper in the tunnels.  Goblins and lots of them.  The party fled. 

To reach the surface, they had to bypass the Basilisk, something they knew they could do given time and due caution... But there is no time.  The last torch has maybe 15 minutes of light left, and the goblins are giving chase.   The party elected to simply shove Bill Cosby the skeleton as hard as possible towards the darkened area where the Basilisk was chained and flee in terror. 

The plan worked, and as they retreated they could hear the large beast munch on the now stony bones of their persistent foe.    As they reached the sunlight, with minutes to spare on their last torch, they wondered - could the Basilisk be befriended somehow?

After a day spent marching at speed, looking over their shoulders constantly and wishing they had more food, the party reached the village of Borgenhoff.  Feeling that the locals would not be able to supply them correctly (or be able to buy their loot), the party purchased more food and headed out to the City of Elderstone to spend their well-earned loot.

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