Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Merchant Adventurer

This is not the man who orders 1000s of bales of silk, and owns an insured ship that will go get them.  Oh no.

This is the person who makes a living pulling a cart, bringing goods to those who need them, for a reasonablish price.  And who is sometimes willing to go very far to make a sale. Or very deep.

By Honoré Daumier

Starting equipment:
staff, cart (see class), ink, pen and notebook, 2 candles, 100 silver pieces

The Merchant Adventurer:

A: The Trusty Servant, the hand cart,
B:  The Cranky Donkey, the great liar
C:  The Trusty Crossbow, the value of things
D:  The Surly Guard, the sudden windfall

The Trusty Servant:  You are served by an older man who is not a complete coward nor is a total fool; but loyal.  He has 8 in every stat and 4 hp, and and AC of 10.   His stats go up by 1 for every template and his HP by 2.  He is armed with a club, but is no lover of violence.

The hand cart:  a 2 wheel affair, oddly flexible and capable for navigating quite difficult terrain.  Carries 20 slots.

Inside:   1 lantern (1),  6 torches (2),  6 bottles of oil (2), 21 rations (7), sellable nick-naks worth 50 sp (3), rope (1), shovel (1), cart repair tools (1), 3 turnips (1), bundle of firewood (1).

The Cranky Donkey:  You obtain a small but strong and sturdy donkey.  It it cranky, sure footed, cunning, and fears no creatures of this earth, but loyal.  AC 12, HP 12 (3HD).  It pulls your upgraded cart which can now carry 40 slots.

The Great Liar:   You could sell turnip juice to children, and have!  You have advantage on any charisma check, skill check etc. involving deception.

The Trusty Crossbow.  This is a dangerous world, and no expense is worth your life!  You have acquired a fancy, complex device of war that you understand fully - you are proficient and have a +2 bonus to hit with it. This crossbow does 1d10 dmg and you can reload it quickly (as a bow).  You also have 20 bolts (needs custom order to have more, non standard).  Should you lose it a new one will appear next adventure (selling does not count as losing).

The Value of Things:  You have advantage to checks to determine the true value of things - be they treasure, merchandise, or more esoteric, like favors or information.

The Surly Guard:  You acquire the services of a guard.  He trusts no one, but loyal.  Spear, dagger, padded armor (AC 13, or halfway between leather and chain) + shield, HP 10 (2 HD), 12 in every stats. 

The Great windfall:   Begin every adventure with a gain of 2d8 gp (no xp for this) for side deals paying off. *Only* once per campaign, have a greater windfall of 2d100 + 10d6 gp.

Should the servant, the donkey or the guard perish, a new one will emerge at the start of the next adventure.  However, if the merchant adventurer was reckless with them, word will spread, and they may  not be so loyal...

I was thinking about classes for Skerlples' mercenary campaign and this just jumped in my head.  Enjoy!


  1. Good stuff! Cohesive, interesting, encourages ties into the larger world.

    1. Thank you! I have no idea when I will get to run this campaign, but I feel that there has to be a few options for people who want to play neither a warrior nor a mage - this fits right into it.

    2. Agreed. It's one of the hardest things to design for as a class I think, because it can be hard to give people fun tools that aren't just doing things anyone should be able to do anyway, but better - or worse, invalidate something anyone should be able to do.