Saturday, July 18, 2020

Tiny Servant - the best spell ever?

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Greetings friends and fellow forumites. I am the bearer of great news. D&D has a new best spell.

Those who have the newly release Xanathar's Guide to Everything will of course know that I am talking about the superlative spell, Tiny Servant.

Tiny Servant lasts for 8 hours and doesn't take concentration. But it's much more than say, Unseen Servant. It can *kick some ass*. +5 to hit? 1d4+3 dmg? Send a few of those in and beat your enemies up. Fill one up with a dangerous substance and send it after your foes - even in death, the Tiny Servant will shower your enemies with acid - or worse!

Invisible creatures troubling you? Say no more, the Tiny Servant can handle it. Need someone to hold the torch? Get the torch to hold itself! Feeling squeamish about sending your familiar on a dangerous scouting mission? The Tiny Servant's got this, they aren't unionized! Impress officials with a small box filed with gold coins! Propose to your paramour with an animated ring case! Wow your fans with your own baby-groot! Need to throw that grappling hook up but every party member has 8 strength? Have no fear, with Tiny Servant the hook will climb up the wall, and if necessary impale itself in that troublesome's guard chest!

But this spell is not only good for players. Oh no, any GM with a gram of creativity can have tremendous fun with this spell, especially in dungeons. The party found a priceless vase? It's running away, it's a Tiny Servant. The party manage to vanquish it? Oh well, oops so much for the vase! That brick wall? It's made of Tiny Servants! Oh, I found a magical dagger - oh no it's stabbing me in the face, it's a Tiny Servant!

Mark this moment my friend, we are living in exciting times. One day you will be able to tell your grand-kids where you were when you laid your eyes upon the new signature spell. Tiny Servant - the fireball for the 21rst century.

(this is from an EN world thread I started a few years back - it's worth a read.  I'm copying it here because a: the forum might crash and it would disappear, and that's a pretty good post I think! and b: easy content haha)

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