Wednesday, December 25, 2019

OSR the Secret Santicorn Compilation


I am building a compilation of all the Santicorn posts (a game design gift exchange on the OSR Discord) .  A *lot* of very creative things were posted and this should be a great resource to mine for gaming ideas.  If I have missed anyone's contribution, I apologize and please let me know, I'll add you too!

Cryptologist class (and nine cryptids)
So you killed Santa... what's in his sack?
Adventuring economy  (ooh looking forward to reading this one)
Oberon and Titania Warlock class
Evolving Dungeons
Words for Monster
The ShellCraze (the latest fashion!)
Skyscraper mimics and other structural horrors
2 GLOG glasses: Aviator and Jazz-bard
Andylenox had a *great* adventure but it's on a google drive, so I'm not sure if I should be posting it here... edit:  It's now HERE :)
Tide-flooded caverns
The Twelve Birds of Christmas (my humble entry)
The succubus as a class
All Aboard the Terrible Dogfish (pirate ship) 
Three Funhouse dungeon rooms
Psychonauts: healers or thieves? 
Creatures amidst the ash
field alchemy  (oooh another one I'm looking forward to!)
Something Punk (a dungeon)
The Lounge Temple of Asavraki (fallen gods, goblins, drugs... pretty punk too IMO!)
The Trackless Peaks (Nordic/Tibetan mix)
Post Apocalypse groups and Post-apocalyptic Backgrounds
Troika! Space combat and ships  (this was made for me! So excited!)
d66 Utility spells  (some *really* nice spells in there)
A Ruined Ship 
Flowery Orcs
Minidungeon Generator (pre-adamite)
Sci-Fi Dungeon Fill
Body warping spells and items
Post Roman, Pre-saxon Hex generator and tables
Space Breaking Monster - the moon-crab
Drow Economy  (another one I want to read!)
The Slipsoul
Reinforcing themes through mechanics
The Last City
Fairytale classes
OSR Gothic
Ents and how to prune your human
Tarot Dungeon
Duke Nukem 2 (… I must admit I don't get the name, it's a hexmap around the Tomb of the Serpent King)

I think this was a success!

Edit:  if you want a more detailed breakdown, go see DIY & Dragon's post :)


  1. Good work! Quite a few I missed, so good to have them all in one place. It was a really impressive response, all in all.

    1. The quality, quantity and creativity displayed was quite the success. There may be a few late entries, which I will do my best to add :)

  2. Replies
    1. Taking part was one of the highlights of late 2019 for me :)

  3. Thanks for doing this. It is great for people who aren't using Discord.

    1. I love finding out about other OSR style blogs. There are so many out there.

    2. My pleasure! It felt like a good piece of cataloguing to do :)