Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Chicken Warrior (a Troika! background)

Today, a Troika background!

Drawn by one of my players.  Character sheet by Dyson Logos

But I didn't come up with it. Olgaf did. All I'm doing it stating it out.

You should have bought the protective amulet, but no, you had to get the magic sword. Dismissed from your post, you now make your way through the world.

Sword 2
Shield fighting 1
Etiquette 1
Command 2
Beak Fighting 1
disguise 1
Alertness 1
Fly 1

Special 1: You can fly for 1 round. Do a skill test every following round
Special 2: Your feathers offer some protection. You are lightly armored with no encumbrance

A magic sword: +1 to skill and damage rolls or something equally nice but not over strong.
Fake Mustache
Sharp beak: does damage as small creature.

This, technically, also would fit in Yoon-Suin . One of my players is currently having fun with this.  Part of the reason I'm posting this is an illustration of the ease of making a Troika! background.  While I can't claim to have anywhere near Daniel Sell's creativity or writing skills, a decent background takes a good idea and not too much work.  Using Troika! as a system to run a non-Troika! setting game is eminently feasible.

(This background is an independent production by me and is not
affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.)


  1. Are you planning to buil a d66 character for a yoon-suin/troika! campaign?

    1. I could, but I'm not sure I will - I find that the majority of the backgrounds are good enough as they are, only … 10 at most that need replacement? A few need tweaking, but not that much. The Thinking Engine, for example, can be re-skinned into a clockwork golem.

      What I *am* working on is Star Wars Troika! …