Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The House of Beetles

Here is one of many noble slugmen house in the Yellow City, in the Yoon Suin setting.

The house of beetles  (Waa Bu) used to be a small scholarly house specializing in the study of insects.  Their studies allowed them to breed and control Messenger Beetles, which when released will instinctively return to the location they associate with their nests - perhaps carrying as mall message with them.

This discovery has become a lucrative messenger beetle service connecting the slugpeople Houses as well as many other institutions, as the beetles are able to cross the Yellow City much faster than a courier.   This has allowed the house to rise in importance, and although they have nowhere the influence of one of the 17 houses on the Council, they are much more powerful than the average house of scholars. 

Ironically, this large concentration of messenger beetles attracted predators, and the house had to employ archers to protect incoming/leaving messengers.  Over time the house thus developed a reputation for crack archery.   To succeed like a beetle archer means to get very good at something despite it never being your goal.

The House of beetle is located in the Old Quarters.  The house has almost 150 members, along with numerous servants who look after the messenger beetles and the archers.  Their compound features many tall towers.

Notable members include Qa Fol, who deals in commercial matters and is a holyman of the Lord of Bread (level 4) and who bemoans the quantities of bread he has to eat.  An ex-member is Fo Kulo (mage level 9), who was now exiled for intercepting and selling Council messages.

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