Saturday, October 31, 2020

State of the Blog


2020 is shit, but I now have 100 posts.  I have a few thoughts.

Ludwig Gloss

- The blog has to be useful for my game.  If you want to know what I'm running, what I'm *posting* is  good hint.  Of course, not all posts will be directly related to my game but... 

- My Yoon-Suin game and my Troika!/UVG game are on long hold, but once the pandemic is done, they will return - and so will blog posts about them.  I really want to post a review of the UVG (it's great!) but it feel strange to do so with an on-hold campaign... 

- I have abandoned a lot of projects.  This is ... not great?  But that's how life goes.  2020 did not help.

- I do have a major project that I hope I can finish, as it isn't just my work but a great collective - the Foreboding Fromagerie.  My plan for November is to finish up to room 17 and then start working on the random encounter table and the bestiary.  Once those 2 are done, the dungeon will be "playable".  Then I'll just have to keep adding chunks of rooms until I'm done... christmas time maybe?  It's going slower than I wanted, but it's moving.

- I am inventing little missions for my GLOG mercenary game.  I think I'm going to post them.  It won't be *quite* a usable adventure, but most of the work will be done.  

- In general, I really, really do want to get the Fromagerie done, but I have to find a balance between doing this and general posts.  I also have to devote time to my game.  My readers are important, but my players have to take priority.

- The spell translation project is still going to move forward, but at a slower pace.  I feel that by publishing the alchemist class I managed to finally "accomplish" something.  God knows if anyone will ever play it! (if you do, please let me know)

- Perhaps one of the greatest thing that happened related to this blog was connecting to the wonderful OSR discord group, which have given me a lot of inspiration and joy.  

- I have started supporting creators on Patreon, and, *if* you can afford it, I think you should to :) 

- What else can we look for in the future?  A lot of things.  I have *44* drafts posts.  Some are Fromagerie related, but we'll see what I manage to complete!  Elf as a Glog class.  The Zouave in 5e.  What if planets were cubic (a strict reading of 5e rules lead to this conclusion).  More Zeugma material.  Star Wars Troika!  If you feel like it, leave a comment!

So was this blog worth doing?  I think so.  A few have used my material in their games, and that's the biggest compliment I think a humble gaming blog can enjoy.  I'm glad you enjoyed it :) 


  1. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your work and ideas.

    1. thank you :) It means a lot coming from someone who's had some excellent ideas!