Tuesday, October 8, 2019

GLOG HACK: Trailer Park Boys

So, in honor of a show I love, the Trailer Park Boys (I grew up in the Maritimes, familiar with some poor areas, this speaks to me, and it's deeper than trash humor), a rough glog hack.

Because this is Trailer Park Boys style, this is going to be quick, dirty, and incomplete.  Here we go!

STYLE OF PLAY:   The Trailer Park Boys identify one big goal they want to do this season (go on a cruise is a good example).  They then concoct some big money making scheme to do it (or some other big plan if money is not an object).  There is then a series of obstacles they must overcome, by lying, bulling, scamming, sneaking or plain hard headed driving through.  Failing to overcome an obstacle is a setback, a complication, not a failure.  Only during the last obstacle challenge do things finally succeed (they go on a cruise!) or fail spectacularly (they go to jail).

DM PREP:  Pick the Big Goal and/or the Big Money Scheme - or have the players come up with it in advance (maybe session 0?).  Prepare about half of the series of obstacles based on the Big Goal/Scheme, but keep it loose - the player's actions, schemes and failures will almost certainly generate the other half.  Improvise!

COMBAT.   Heroes have two pools of health point:  Tough Points and Heath points.

When fighting in non lethal ways (fisticuffs, wrestling, throwing rocks, hockey sticks), Tough Points damage is taken.  When this reaches zero, you are "done" - you've been over come, you can't fight on anymore, unless you Realy Mean It.  There are advantages of doing combat this way - it's less dangerous, easier to heal and people are far less likely to call the cops

Fighting with guns, knives (and more exotic dangerous weaponry) can be lethal.  On a critical hit, they inflict health point damage, which are REAL injuries that actually need medical attention.  If you Realy Mean It, (ie you aren't shooting to intimidate, you are shooting to kill), 50% of hits are lethal.  If you Realy Mean It and you are fighting in non lethal ways, you can keep fighting even at zero tough points, but you are now taking lethal damage - you should have stayed down!

Anyone who takes health damage is allowed to collapsed in a heap and curse and wine and be considered defeated (ie not shot at anymore).  The players and GM should remember that no one wants to die, and no one want to go to jail for a decade or more for murder (which would take the character out of the game).

Healing Tough Points:
Taking a breather:  1 hour break heals 1d4 tough points
Cigarettes:  1 tough points
Drink:  1d3 tough points
Toke:  1d3 tough points
Full joint: 1d6 tough points
Hot dog: 1d4 tought point
small snack: 1 tough point
Big snack: 1d4 tough point
Cheeseburger: 1d6 tough point

Healing real damage
First aid:  up to 2 points, can be done by a friendly trailer park denisen
Vet:  Up to half (round in your favor) of your total health, he will want a favor
Hospital:  All your health points, but you're out of the scene for a bit, and questions will probably be asked
0 health point left:  You're dying and only an ambulance can save you.  Questions *will* be asked
negative health:  You're done.

EXPERIENCE:   At the end of the season, everyone surviving goes up a level, and is in jail and/or enjoying the fruit of their labor.  The next season begins when the money runs out, the cruise is over or the characters are let out of jail.  (if you are in jail for a long time because of very serious crime, you need a new character)

And that's it.  I'm going to write the characters and guns in another post, but this is the essence of the idea.  They will all have roughly the same combat characteristics, but each will have special powers based on the show.  For example, about once per episode Ricky tells an enormous lie that people believe somehow.  Or Julian *always* has a drink.   This sort of "powers" fit very well in a GLOG class template.

Lastly, I should apologize for the language of this post.  I did not proof read, *at all*, because it's Trailer Park Boys style!   I'm really sorry about that.... no you know what, I'm not sorry at all, so you can fuck off!  ;)


  1. I like it, but I have to ask how many tough points with 'liquor and whores'?

    1. Drink + Taking a breather ;)

      Honestly I think that's as far as I want to go into the sex angle... although I think I'm going to give Randy a seduction power (along with cheeseburger powers of course).

    2. "Having services of a doxy gives +1 for healing purposes, but only if she's gentle."

      From Encounter Critical. :P

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