Saturday, September 21, 2019

The best OSR tables

There are a lot of great OSR blogs out there, and it can be tremendeously useful.  GMing takes time, and there is nothing wrong in using the work of others to help things along - that's why these blogs exist!  But this information is scattered over the web, and can be hard to re-find.

So mostly for myself but also you my few readers, I'm going to make an index of great tables and generators I've found over the years. This post will be a "living document" - I will add to it as I find new things :)   At the moment this is very "Skerples heavy" (I'm a fan) but I hope that I can find/add more from other authors.  I *know* I'm forgetting some important ones, which I think demonstrates the need for such an entry.

What are these goblins doing?
Never again will goblins be boring.

Goblin names

Why are you alone in this dungeon?
So your PC died and the party is in the middle of a dungeon.  Should you wait till the end of the session to play again?  Hell no.  The party runs into your new character in the next room!  But why are you here?  Roll on the handy table to find out.  (btw, this is a good argument for quick PC generator).

Interesting hallways 

Dungeon Merchants

Interesting architectural features 

Cool city/town leaders

Peasants and Nobles

Sooo flavorful!

City Features
Encounters, mapping, jobs, guilds and more!

City Generator
This is a must-read.

History generator 

City bazar
What does this town/city sell in particular?

Village generator

Fantasy map generator

Starship map generator
(hey, you never know when you need a starship in a fantasy game!)

job/occupation tables
Basically this page, but specifically for jobs/occupations

minor magical items
So flavorful.  Pathfinder could learn from this!

More flavorful magical items
From Bastionland

+1.5 magical weapons
Far more interesting than plain +1.

1d12 flaming swords
very, very creative, totally usable.

Magical items of the North and the Old Empire

Favorite GNOMCO products
... it's note quite a table, but there are many gems in here

Magical gemstones
Horrifically made by evil gnomes

Bargain Bin Spells
Worth a look for the entertainment alone.  Good Troika material too.

Garbage potion generator
It's a gambling game too!

Dubious Wizard Generator

100 Proper Spells

99 entities you can summon 
It's for the excellent GLOG summoner class, but I'm sure there are other use for these in your campaign.

God Generator

Magical Powers

Wild surges and other magical mishaps

(scroll down to see them)

More curses and spooky omens

Missions for sell-swords
You can build an entire campaign from this one table

Problems you can't fix with a sword
Some of these are more of a "room" than an adventure, but great stuff.  Some definitely would work with Troika!

100 items to solve problems 

100 misfortunes on the road   (From UVG!)

Biological mutations and supernatural mutations  and more mutations 

Distant Land Generator 

Deep Sea Encounters
A wondrous mixture of research and fantasy.

Lastly... just look up Yoon Suin.  It's 30% tables and several of them are excellent.  Drugs?  Gods?  Poisons?  Merchant treasure?  Who rules a city state, what resources do they have, what's wrong with the place?   All that and more!

Edit:  Not really a table, but great lists of blogs

450 blogs with descriptions! :O

Who's who in the Glogosphere


  1. Really good resource, Ive needed some of these and have tried to find them!

    If I think of any more Ill send you some links

    1. Thank you - if all goes well I'll be adding to this for years to come :)

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  3. Bookmarked! I lost the goblins one once and don't want to again ... going to check the rest out too.

  4. I think this is the first time someone's included something I've written on a list like this! Thanks, Ancalagon

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    2. ( I have one of yours in my June favourite links Anne! )

    3. I'm surprised, you've written some pretty good stuff, and I've only scratched the surface of your blog.

  5. I'll submit the entirety of the Dungeon Dozen:

  6. Thanks for including some of my stuff! And thanks for putting together the list! Good resource.