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The Grain District - a part of the Yellow City

On the Western Isle near the Gulf of Morrays, occupying the middle third of the Island, is the Grain district.

Of middling wealth, the district owes its name to the Great Granary, made of large topaz-flecked stone blocks.  This immense warehouse faces the God River on the eastern shore of the island, and its docks can accommodate both sea fairing vessels and Laramarkhi river-boats.  The granary was built upon order of the Council as a ward against famine, and is controlled by the House of Quartz (which, of course, takes a cut of every transaction).  It contains over 3 millions bushels, with vast quantities of rice, lentils, chickpeas, barley, wheat, and other grain, and it is said it could feed the entire city for a year.

The granary is currently operated by the slugman Wu Yi (holyman of Boxeos, the North Wind). The House of Quartz is noted for its infighting, and Wu Yi worries constantly that house rivals will try to embarrass him. He has spent considerable funds increasing security, but his fears persist, as his increased security measures triggered false rumors of a planned heist. He is assisted by the human foreman Veer, a noted gambler, and the dwarven warrior Barak, who lost an eye during a squidmen attack and now serves as head of security.

Near the Great Granary is the shrine to Parkij, the Crane of hunger.  Every morning the  priests ritually curse the granary.  They are quite disliked, but Parkij teaches the value of endurance.  

Other notable temples and shrines include the Temple of Red Waters (recently dedicated to the Beetle of Mislaid Memories) and the shrine to the Lady of Lentils and Grief, who provides funeral services to the poor.  

Abutting the great warehouse on the north western corner is a much smaller and modest building made of clay bricks: the Hall of Blessed Waters.  This tea house, operated by the retired club fighter Van Dan and his wife Ma Ga Na, provides services to the workers of the Granary and the priests of Parkij.  Also working there is the startlingly beautiful waiter, Alo Bak. He is quite glad to share his extensive knowledge of the area.  Regular patrons include the slugman adventurer Po Befi, holy-man of the Memory Tree and his companions, the shoe maker Pab Has, the matka-runner Kala with her smile and sharp knife, the recently disfigured assassin Aspru, and the golemist Kavela, who enjoys shocking the holy man Chit du Ban with heretical ideas concerning apotheosis.  

The teahouse serves flatbread, fish curries and lentils, as well as the following teas:

- Humble tea of the Third Quality (buy 2 pots get one free. One free cup with every meal)
- Caterpillar sleeper: 3 rupees per pot. Refreshing and revitalizing (5e: gain 1 hit dice in reserve.  Glog:  gain 1 hp (but only 1/day))
- Emerald Green: 1 rupee per *cup*. Brilliant green tea, excellent.
- Figher's brew: Deep brown tea. Caused lethargy and the drinker to sleep almost a full day. This results in 5e: healing dice have advantage and double amount gained (GLOG: heal all hp). 2 gp per pot
- Mountain's delight: Pale orange tea. Intriguing flavor with a mineral tint. 1 Paisa a cup

Located on the western side of the Grain District is a great arboretum, with well tended trees from all over Yoon Suin and beyond.  Its most famous specimen is the Memory Tree, a great and ancient pippala.  Its leaves move constantly, even in the absence of wind.  It's fruit is said to fortify the memory, allowing one to remember long forgotten facts, but also retain new knowledge.  The holy men tending the tree dress in pure white, and water its roots with blood.

In the center of the Arboretum is the palace of the House of Leaves, a scholarly slugman House of modest power specializing in the study of plants.  Their wealth comes from their production of rare plant extract and of rent income (in the Yellow City, as humans are not allowed to own property, they must pay rent. The rates are quite high and are used instead of taxation).  

The House of Leaves' spellcasters are noted herbalists and their skill is respected (Glog: Garden Wizards).   The House fixer is old Loma Ku, wily but perhaps too curious about human mating practices.   The House is not warlike, but recently several members were involved in a battle along side Bo Befi's gang vs followers of Garlok, Lord of Pain.  Pali Kali, clever with a bow, distinguished themselves, and the mage Vo La died, an experience they would rather not repeat. A blackwood staff, studded with teeth, was claimed as trophy and occupies a place of honor.  The House is also defended by a modest contingent of guards and well over 100 animated bushes. 

In the middle of the Arboretum are the ruins of the once fabled Red Bridge. Immediately north of the Arboretum is the New Bridge, a much more modest wooden bridge over the westernmost arm of the God River, which leads to the Red Bank district, popular with the Lamarakhi.  As the bridge is in frequent need of repair, both locals and Lamarakhi operate water taxi services.  To the south of the Grain District is the Pointed Dock District, and to the north is the Old Clays.  


- A new gang, led by a stout man named Karang, is extorting money from merchants and even cockroach clans.  Said clans have left and refuse is piling up

- The mage apprentice Dubi Gan is looking for a few stout souls for a short exploration mission

- Someone has tried to poison the head mage of the House of White and Black (in the Pointed Dock District).
- Some shopkeepers have stopped accepting anas (a small silver coin).
- The shoemaker, Pab Has, has won Matka a lot lately... 

- There is a huge bounty of 50 rubies placed by the Cult of the Demon Elephant on the head of an exiled prince of the Hundred Kingdoms.

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Post Scriptum.

I know my entry is not an entire city.  A very wise author once said that the Yellow City "should not be planned out: its vastness does not bear close cataloguing".

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